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The Placencia Car Rental

The Car Rental of Placencia emerged from the closing of Stann Creek Auto Rentals. We wanted to fill the void and keep the cars rolling. With the help of a couple of satisfied customers wanting to keep using our services, we are back and better than ever! Same convenient location, same great customer service and reliable vehicles to rent.

We're starting out small, but service is still big so whether you want a car or a golf cart give us a call and we'll fix you up.

A cell phone will be provided free for use with your rental as well as no charge pick up and delivery from Placencia Village to Riversdale, including pick up at the Placencia Airport.

We don't charge for extra drivers or child car seats.

We honor and give a discount to ALL military personnel.

Ask about our "One way from Belize City" drop-off.

We can also store your car or truck when you leave the country. We'll power wash, detail and check your tire pressure for your return.

For those big moves, we have a 16 foot trailer in our rental fleet or if you're looking to buy, we also have vehicles for sale.

Check us out for your "One Stop" vehicle needs. You'll be glad you did.

We are proud supporters of:
The Placencia Humane Society (PHS)
The Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development (PCSD)

Member of the Placencia BTIA

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